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Solar PV offers commercial customers an opportunity to achieve significant cost savings on their energy bills. Businesses are often well-placed to benefit from solar PV as they use a large amount of power during the day.

The key to maximising benefit from commercial solar is understanding your daytime electricity needs and available roof (or ground) space. An over-designed system will export too much power to the grid for limited financial benefit while an under-designed system means you will still pay too much for grid power.

Tailored system design

By obtaining detailed data on your business’s electricity consumption, Solar Blessing will design a system specifically for your rooftop and load profile. We then use the latest software to analyse the financial impact of various system sizes and provide you with a report that estimates:

  • estimated bill reduction
  • payback period
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

We can provide you with reports for a number of system sizes, so that you can make decisions based on your needs and budget.


We can also provide advice on other energy saving options including power factor correction, energy storage, energy efficient lighting and solar irrigation pumps.

By working in this way, we have helped our customers to realise:

  • 30-70% reductions in the cost of their power bills, depending on their daytime usage
  • payback on their initial investment in as little as two years
  • Return on Investment of up to 20%

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Our goal is to be the Solar Installer of choice, preferred because our installations are built to last, with quality components, by certified installers and carefully designed to maximise the customers power production and long term savings. Reputation is everything.
Tim Hourigan - General Manager