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The Types of Installation

They type of system we recommend will vary according to your budget and your proximity to the electricity grid. While energy storage technology is continually improving, going completely off-grid can be costly. Happily, there is a solar solution for every situation! Our expert staff will talk you through the options to help you decide the solution that is right for you.

Taking advantage of feed in tariffs


A grid connect system is set up so that your home or business uses solar power during the day while the sun is shining, and imports power from the grid once the sun goes down. A grid connect system will save you money on your power bill but will not eliminate it completely.

We typically work with two types of systems – traditional string inverter systems or more advanced microinverter systems that offer remote monitoring of individual panel performance to make sure you get the most out of your system.

Hybrid Systems - best of both worlds


Get the best of both worlds! Hybrid systems allow you to access guaranteed supply from the grid while giving you the ability to store excess solar energy in batteries on site. You can also switch over to your own battery reserves in the event of a power failure. Hybrid systems cost less than an off-grid system and don’t require diesel back up.

Hybrid systems can also take advantage of microinverter technology to monitor individual panel performance.

Stand Alone (Off the Grid) Installation


With an Off Grid system, power generated from the panels on your roof is stored in batteries for you to use when you need it. An Off Grid system allows you to take full control of your power needs – by going off grid, you will never pay another power bill again!

Off grid systems need to be sized to ensure sufficient power supply and battery capacity to see you through a few overcast days in a row. When designing your system, we need to understand the way you use power and the kinds of electrical appliances/equipment you want to use. This allows us to tailor a reliable system to your energy needs.


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