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Residential customers connected to the electricity grid can reduce their power bills by 30-70% depending on how much power they use during the day. The upfront cost of a solar PV system is typically paid off in three to five years but the savings on your electricity bill are permanent!

Designs & Options

Solar Blessing designs residential solar systems to suit your household needs and budget. We can advise you on the optimum system size for your home based on your current (or predicted) electricity consumption.

Solar Blessing offers customers a free solar assessment to determine whether solar can work for you. We provide you with a system design and quote that estimates:

  • savings on your power billls
  • payback on the cost of your system
  • your Return on Investment (ROI)

We can provide you with a range of options depending on your energy needs and budget. Our systems are backed by long term supplier and manufacturer warranties including:

  • 12 year warranty on solar panels
  • 5-10 year warranty on inverters
  • 25 year performance warranty on solar panels

Government rebates, called small-technology credits or STCs still apply for residential solar projects. We calculate the number of STCs your system is entitled to and apply this as a discount to the upfront cost of your system or provide you with the paperwork to lodge the claim yourself.

Renewable energy – Doesn’t cost the earth....

Our goal is to be the Solar Installer of choice, preferred because our installations are built to last, with quality components, by certified installers and carefully designed to maximise the customers power production and long term savings. Reputation is everything.
Tim Hourigan - General Manager